Grains of Gratitude

Glencairn_Whisky_GlassJust a silly wee “duanag”(ditty or poem) in honor of Thanksgiving and my most favorite thing in the world……

Grains of Gratitude  (Courtesy of me and a dram or two of Port Charlotte Scottish Barley)

I’m thankful for the grain ripe fields, from which my fave elixir yields    If not for barley, corn, or rye, and even wheat, there would be no whisk(e)y to sip on the rocks or neat

No bourbon would make for a truly sad place, I can’t imagine life without Buffalo Trace.  Existing without Maker’s Mark, the world would feel so  empty and dark.  Therefore be they corn or rye, if there was no whiskey, I just might die.

Same goes for barley, there nothing else made, as lovely as whisky from the land of the plaid.  Smoke and peat, or port and sherry finished, a dram with friends is sure to refresh and replenish.

Scots, or Irish, they pass my taste test, so try a dram o’ Laphroaig,  Balvenie, Green Spot and Red Breast.  Glenfiddich and Ardbeg are verra fine too, or toast  Slàinte mhath with some Tullamore Dew.

So be grateful to those who take on the tasks, from the malting floor through to the aging casks. Whiskey, or whisky, there’s plenty to spare, why even the angels get their own share!

I started this little blog, as a folly,  therapy for myself really, because I love to write, and I love all whiskies, yet, to my delight, and shock, it has grown, and is growing more every day. So, at this time of year, and the other 364 days, I want to tell you all how truly grateful I am to each and everyone who takes time to visit, whether to take a quick peek, or peruse each post.  Tomorrow marks a day to give thanks, and also kicks off the holiday season, a time to share with friends, family, and all of our loved one, near and far.  Thank you, for your time, attention, comments, tweets, shares, and retweets. Thank you for indulging me in my two passions, whiskies, and writing, and whether you enjoy it or not, thanks for telling me you do anyway! Hahaha!

Wishing you all a bright, beautiful, safe, peace filled Happy Thanksgiving, and Holiday season! Remember to designate a driver! Don’t drink and drive! Drink Responsibly!

Peace, Love & Whisky wishes! Slàinte Mhath!

Nancy McGehee Guillory

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