Welcome to Whiskyisms!!! A Female Whisk(e)y Lovers Perspective on all Thing Pertaining to Whiskies!

Welcome to Whiskyisms! This is my newest blog endeavor, where I will post and discuss the pleasures, and enjoyment of imbibing fine bourbons, scotches, Irish, and rye whiskies, from a female perspective. I will also highlight different brands, and types of whiskies, as I sample and learn about all things whiskey. Although geared towards women, guys, I promise you too will find my blog not just interesting, but eye opening, and quite possibly a tool for understanding the opposite sex.

Most of you are familiar with my Nancyisms, and don’t fret, it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. It’s too good a source of cheap therapy for me to give that up, and I can vent without ending up in jail. (Well so far so good…) My last Nancyisms was about my love for whisky, and I really enjoyed writing it, and as I encounter more and more people through social media, and at my favorite local whiskey bar, who share my passion for the spirit, I figured the next natural step would be my own whisky blog. So here it is!

Whether you are a die hard whiskey drinker, or just taking your first sips, you will enjoy my goofy and irreverent insight into the different taste, flavors, and blends, plus learn a little about the products I discuss, where and how they are made, and their history. I’m not an expert, but I want to be, and I want to share my learning experience with my sister whisky drinkers, and perhaps enlighten, and educate along the way, and what better way to communicate than over a dram. Which means I expect to hear from my readers, as they share their favorite brands and cocktail recipes, ask questions, and offer opinions and feedback.

I drink responsibly. You should too. So, this is blog is not about getting shit faced drunk, or partying like animals. It is strictly for those who, as crazy as this sounds, enjoy quality alcohol too much to abuse it. If you have a drinking problem, please, please get help.

Have a safe, great weekend, and stay tuned for my inaugural Whiskyisms blog post, coming soon, like probably sometime late tonight, unless I fall asleep before I finish writing it. Don’t laugh, it happens.

Slainte !


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